LifeGlobal / CooperSurgical is committed to being the quality provider of human IVF and mammalian embryo culture media, disposable dishware and air purification technology to our customers while providing LifeGlobal / CooperSurgical employees with a work environment that is conducive to personal growth and satisfaction.

The company's objective is to bring the most advanced technologies, products, and services to the market to help improve embryo and cell culture. LifeGlobal / CooperSurgical works closely with scientists and research leaders who are dedicated to the advancement of all aspects of embryo development and cell culture. We work together to advance and lead the industry with unique products and technologies that may improve results and increase safety.

As an ISO 13485 and Health Canada certified medical company, we are commtted to a Stringent Quality Control program across the organization. Consistent results and performance from batch-to-batch is our ongoing focus to help your clinic achieve the highest results for your patients. Cold Delivery System and reliable worlwide distribution network allows us to provide you with excellent quality and prompt customer service.

We take Stringent Quality Control during manufacturing to the next level which includes:
- Triplicate testing of each batch of media products for 1-Cell MEA and Endotoxin
- Witness and Verification Program during manufacturing
- Independent QC testing
- Other additional internal testing and verification from the incoming materials to the release of the products

We would like to thank you, our customers, for your outstanding support. Our commitment and dedication to consistently deliver the best quality products and excellent customer and technical service is our way of saying thanks.