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global® medium is part of an historically significant achievement in reproductive/cell biology. Tachibana_2013_SCNT_embryos.pdf
LifeGlobal Group has successfully launched a new group of products at the 2012 ASRM conference.
Our new μDrop GPS® Dish is safe, effective and easy-to-use. It has precise 20 µl micro-wells with our GPS® feature for rapid location and visualization. It has enhanced optics, better orientation and identification and our EmbryoAddress™ helps to quickly identify and track embryos. A 32 mm inner 'oil ring' for VOC protection. It uses up to 75% less oil than a conventional 60 mm dish.
global® Collect® s a HEPES-buffered medium based on global® formulation for retrieval, holding and washing of cumulus-oocyte complexes after collection to be used at 37°C. Contains increased glucose sufficient to satisfy the metabolic requirements of the cumulus cells and is available in a 500 mL format for high volume users.
global® Rehab® is a new member of the global® media family specifically designed for culture after vitrification or slow freezing. Research has shown that cryopreservation procedures often lead to the damage of the meiotic spindle, mitochondria, and zona pellucida of the oocyte and embryo. Pre-supplemented with protein and α/β globulins to promote membrane stability and increase survival rates.
global® 35+® is the first media designed to meet the metabolic requirements of embryos obtained from patients over the age of 35, with a poor prognosis or with repeat cycles. Pre-supplemented with protein to promote embryonic development and growth.
LifeGuard® Oil is designed to safeguard human embryos from all environmental effects within culture and to help maintain pH, temperature and reduce evaporation. All our oils are now available in Amber Colored Bottles which reduces light exposure.
LifeGlobal® μPipets™ are precision crafted from borosilicate glass for all ICSI, holding, biopsy and hatching applications. All popular tools: Injection ICSI, Holding, Assisted Hatching, Blastomere Biopsy, PZD and Polar Body Biopsy. They come 10 per package, 6 cm in length and are washed and heat treated to prevent sticking.
LifeGlobal® μTips™ are used for the transfer and manipulation of oocytes and embryos. They are Precise, soft and flexible and non-scratching and unbreakable. All popular sizes: 125, 135, 150, 175, and 275 μm, 20 per package, 9 cm or 3 ½ inches in length.
CodaAir® Positive Pressure Unit is the ultimate built-in VOC filtration technology for IVF with positive pressure. The easiest and most economical way to create a positive pressure environment. Economical:
  • Minimum investment, maximum results with the CodaAir® Positive Pressure Unit. Installation, typically less than $10,000 (US).
  • Easy: Easy to convert any existing IVF laboratory into a positive pressure room, with high efficiency particulate and VOC filtration.
  • Effective: The CodaAir® + Positive Pressure Unit offers large capacity purification with our efficient 4 Stage Filter System. It contains larger amounts of pure and effective activated carbon than any other system.
  • Safe: The only clinically tested and proven high performance filtration technology for safe use in IVF laboratories.
  • Proven for Best Results: Proven to qualify and maintain certification of a Class 7 clean room. For maximum air quality, it is recommended to be used in conjunction with one of our CodaAir® standing units inside the laboratory, the CodaAir® 800 or the CodaAir® 900 (depending on the size of the room).
  • CodaAir® 800 and 900 "GO GREEN" The ultimate VOC remover for IVF laboratories. Our new 'greentech' innovation allows you to operate the CodaAir® 800 and CodaAir® 900 anywhere in the world. The CodaAir® 800 and 900 are the latest in air purification technology and is unsurpassed in the IVF industry.
    Coda® Xtra Inline® – Green with AldaSorb® and Coda® Xtra Inline® – Blue
  • Newly developed AldaSorb® will remove over 98% of all aldehydes, formaldehydes and acetaldehyde from all incoming gas lines. Mixture of Activated Carbon and Aldasorb® to absorb any possible aldehydes from your gas. 25 times more high quality, tested and effective filtering material.