Over the years, our group has developed original products and technologies for IVF. Our products have been proven in the market for 25+ years with repeated Consistency, Quality, Performance and Superior Customer Service.

global® – is the first and original "single solution medium®". Based on pure science and clinically proven for over 15 years by more than 500 independent publications which used global® medium. Based on the worldwide success of global®, the global® family of media products was developed as a unified approach to ART culture to reduce stress and maintain the same environment throughout all stages of oocytes and embryo culture, handling, micromanipulation and cryopreservation. The global® family of products includes: global®, global® total® LP, global® total® w/ HSA, global total®, global® for Fertilization, global® total® LP for Fertilization, global® total® for Fertilization, global® Collect®, global® w/ HEPES, global® total® LP w/ HEPES, global® total® w/ HEPES, LG PGD Biopsy Medium, global® Blastocyst Fast Freeze® System, and the global® DMSO Blastocyst Vitrification System. LifeGlobal® is also recognized in the market for its high quality of culture oils such as LifeGuard® Oil and LiteOil®.

LifeGlobal® GPS dishware is "The future of ART" – specifically designed and tested for IVF. The current GPS dish designs are: µDrop GPS®, 4-Well GPS®, Universal GPS®, embryo GPS®, embryo corral®, Mini GPS® and 38Special GPS®. Our GPS® dishware technology is patented.

CodaAir® - The VOC Remover® – The first ultimate high performance VOC filtration technology specifically designed and manufactured for IVF. Clinically proven for safe use in IVF since 1997. The Coda® Xtra Inline® filter is the ultimate high performance gas filter proven to remove 99% of VOCs and contaminants. The Coda® Aero® 500, Coda® Aero® 700, Coda® Aero® 800 and CodaAir® 900 are economical versions of Coda® Eco™ 1200 and the Coda® ECO™ 1500. The CodaAir® + Positive Pressure Unit reduces the presence of VOCs, bacteria/fungal spores and all particulate matter using a 4-stage filtration system. The Coda® Unit and the Coda®2 Unit are the only proven technology to remove VOCs from inside the incubator. The Coda® product line is becoming a standard good practice and common sense device for IVF laboratories. CE marked, manufactured in North America under strict Quality Control, in our ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and Health Canada certified facilities.