Our History

LifeGlobal / CooperSurgical is a global company committed to delivering high quality ART products internationally with operating facilities in the United States, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong and distributors in some 90 countries worldwide.

Our group has been in the IVF industry for over 25+ years and has worked with it's leading scientists and some of the pioneers of IVF and embryo culture such as Robert G. Edwards and John Biggers. Our group has developed some of IVF's leading technologies and products such as global, the first "single culture medium", CodaAir® Purification Technology, GPS® dishware - the first dishware designed specifically for ART and Pioneer Pro-Pumps.

2018 CooperSurgical aquires LifeGlobal Group.
2017 LifeGlobal receives CE Certification for global® total® w/ HSA products, DMSO, Fast Freeze®, AllGrad Wash® and PGD.
2017 38Special GPS® Dish introduced, second in family of miniGPS® dishes.
2017 EvolveGene lab now CLIA certified, CAP accredited and Florida State licensed.
2016 EvolveGene introduced, specializing in genetic testing for reproductive medicine.
2016 LifeGlobal Group became UDI compliant. All labeling has been barcoded.
2016 Our Mini GPS® dish is introduced.
2015 LifeGlobal Group expands operation to a new facility with 28 000 sq. ft. building in Florida, housing a "state of the art" genetic testing lab and modern offices.
2014 Introduction of Coda® Positive Pressure Unit.
2013 Our 4-Well GPS® dish is introduced.
2013 global® medium is part of an historically significant achievement in reproductive/cell biology, Global® becomes leading single culture media brand
2013 Hong Kong office for direct marketing in Hong Kong and other Asian countries is established.
2012 LifeGlobal Group established as the main corporate name merging IVFonline.com, LLC, genX international, Inc and LifeGlobal, LLC as one company.
2012 Our µdrop GPS® dish is introduced.
2010 Global® media recieves CE mark.
2010 Robert G. Edwards, PhD receives the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.
2009 Zenith Biotech was created with the introduction of KSOMaa Evolve® media for mammalian culture and other lines for stem cell and animal research. State of the art media manufacturing facility built and certified in Connecticut – a mirror of the Canadian media manufacturing laboratory.
2009 European office and operation established.
2009 Two Vitrification Systems were introduced at ESHRE 2009: global® Blastocyst Fast Freeze® system which includes our Universal GPS® dishes and global® DMSO Blastocyst Vitrification system which includes our embryo GPS®. LifeGlobal Protein Supplement was also introduced.
2008 Universal GPS® dish introduced as well as our global® Family "unified approach to human embryo culture".
2007/2008 New products introduced to the global® Family – global® Fertilization and global® w/ HEPES.
2007 Robert G. Edwards embryo transfer catheter developed and patented by the group was acquired by Cooper Surgical.
2006/2007 Introduced Coda® Xtra Inline® filters and LG PGD Biopsy Medium based on global® as the first PGD media with amino acids.
2006 State-of-the-art culture media laboratory opened in Canada with full validation and FDA registration.
2006 IVFonline introduced our patented and unique line of IVF dishware (embryo corral® & embryo GPS®) at ESHRE 2006. GPS Dishes are a patented technology developed by Jacques Cohen, Tim Schimmel and Michael D. Cecchi.
2004 Fertility Magazine was successfully introduced as the first free subscription magazine to bring together Patients, Doctors, Embryologists and Suppliers.
2003 IVFonline/genX received ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications as well as CE marks on Coda® and Pioneer IVF.
2002/2003 LifeGlobal was created along with the introduction of global® media - the first non-sequential media solution marketed through www.LifeGlobal.com and sold worldwide through IVFonline.com. LifeGlobal "The ART Media Company" is a full range of culture media products and global® is the first single culture media solution philosophy designed in cooperation with Dr. John Biggers.
2000 IVFonline.com was created as a worldwide marketing, selling and operation company for genX CodaAir® products, genX Aspiration Pumps, and genX media.
1999 Canadian operation is established.
1996/1997 genX International is introduced along with Coda® technology. The CodaAir® Purification Systems are the first in VOC remover technology for IVF. Patented Technology invented by Dr. Jacques Cohen and Michael D. Cecchi.
1992 Introduction of Pioneer Medical and the Pioneer Aspiration Pump.