Coda® Products

Coda® Air Products – the ultimate ‘VOC Remover®’ for IVF laboratories. Proven, effective and safe since 1997, with supportive published papers, patented technology and CE certified.

Coda® Positive Pressure Unit Coda® ECO™ 1500 Coda® ECO™ 1200
CodaAir® 900 CodaAir® 800 Coda® Aero® 700
Coda® Aero® 500 Coda® Unit Coda®2 Unit


Coda® Filters Coda® Regular Inline® - Purple Coda® Xtra Inline® - Green
Coda® Xtra Inline® - Blue Coda® Inline® Filter Connectors Coda® Inline® Filter Bracket