Klaus Wiemer, PhD

Dr. Wiemer has been consulting for the company on the development of media products since 1996. He is involved on all aspects of developing new media products, formulation, testing, quality control, manufacturing protocols, comparison studies, and writing research papers.

Dr Wiemer has an extensive scientific background and experience in cell and embryo culture, cryopreservation of embryos, embryo morphology, co-culture, blastocyst development, maturation and fertilization of human oocytes in vitro, micromanipulation, IVF lab design and supervision.

He received his Ph.D. in Reproductive Physiology (Embryology) in 1989 from the Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. He was the Scientific Director of Institute for Assisted Reproduction, Charlotte, North Carolina

for 6 years and currently is an offsite director of several fertility clinics. He consults on new lab set ups and design, protocols, troubleshooting, and quality assurance. He is a bilingual in Spanish and is expending his activity and involvement in the South American IVF labs through his talks and consulting services.

His research interest and work is on development of cell lines for embryo culture, systems for embryo development, molecular aspects of human embryos, human and bovine in vitro fertilization, etc.