Don Rieger, PhD

Dr. Rieger oversees the research and development of LifeGlobal products, including media formulations, trials, multiple centers experimental designs, collecting data, and drafting abstracts and scientific papers on LifeGlobal media products. Dr. Rieger has extensive research experience in gamete and embryo metabolism, and ovarian function. Internationally recognized as an authority in the area of embryo metabolism, he has been an invited scientist to research institutions in France, the United States, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. He has prepared and published over 70 papers and abstracts in international scientific journals, as well as book chapters, and a manual for a computer program. He has presented more than 50 papers at local, national, and international scientific meetings, including 30 as an invited speaker. Don has given radio interviews, appeared in a television debate, and given a series of public
lectures on the medical and ethical implications of cloning and genetic engineering. Don was the originator of Embryo Mail, an organizer of the 1996 and 2001 Southern Ontario Reproductive Biology meetings, and the coordinator of a course in Developmental Anatomy, at the University of Saskatchewan in 1997. He has extensive experience in research, review, and synthesis of scientific literature, including invited reviews for the Canadian Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies, the European Toxicology Society, and the International Embryo Transfer Association.