CodaAir® 900

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24V Universal Adapter

Choice A: Shirt Box Filter (2” pleated filter, 4” carbon/potassium filter, 4” HEPA) Choice B: 4-stage filter system (4 Canisters, 4” pleated filter, 6” HEPA)

Initial Filter Kit included with unit.




Semi-Annual Filter Kit: Change 6 months after initial/annual kit.
4 Canisters, 4”  pleated filter


CAFK-900 (2pk)

Semi-Annual Kit: Change every 6 months.




Annual Filter Kit: Install with initial set-up of unit.
4 Canisters, 4”  pleated filter, 6” HEPA

Intended Use   The CodaAir® 900 offers large capacity purification with our Choice B: 4-Stage Filter System.
General Information   All Coda® products are clinically proven for safe and effective use in human ART laboratories. The ultimate effective air technology to purify VOCs and pollutants.

Our high performance 4-Stage filter system has been proven to improve air quality in laboratories and may increase expected outcome and overall results. Coda® products have protected IVF laboratories for over 18 years and have shown a superior performance record.
Recommendations for Use   For a full and detailed User Manual for the CodaAir® 900 please contact us at

Precautions and Warnings   Electrical Shock Hazard: Always turn the CodaAir® Positive Pressure Unit off and remove the AC power cord before changing filters.

Warning: Do not install the unit in a damp area, in water or under an open window. This may cause damage to the unit and a danger to the users.

Caution: Damage to the CodaAir® Positive Pressure Unit will occur if the unit is put in a damp area, in water or under an open window.

Caution:Do not operate the CodaAir® Positive Pressure Unit if it appears to have been dropped or damaged.

Caution:Federal (U.S.A.) law restricts this device to sale, distribution, or use by or on the order of a licensed medical practitioner.<